Kaabo Wolf King+ vs ZERO 11X – Biggest Race of 2020

Our small shipment of Kaabo Wolf King+ scooters just hit the LA port and we are waiting for them to clear customs.  Once the Wolf Kings clear customs and get sent to us, we are going to make a race video of epic proportions. Being that they are both 72 volts, we are going to race the ZERO 11X vs the Kaabo Wolf King+.

The ZERO 11X has an advantage because it has dual 1600 watt motors where the Kaabo Wolf King+ has dual 1500 watt motors. The 11X also has 2300 watt hours vs 2050 watt hours on the Wolf King+. However, the size of the motors and the watt hours does not dictate what scooter will win the race.

The Kaabo Wolf King+ has an advantage of being 25 lbs. lighter which should help out in a race. The Wolf King also uses Minimotors controllers and a Minimotors EY3 display which I find is superior to the ZERO 11X QS-S4 display and lvbebn controller. I normally keep the ZERO 11X tuned down to 75 percent to prevent damage to the controller, but will run it at a 100 percent for the race.

What Scooter do I Think is Going to Win the Race?

As I am typing this, I am not sure who is going to win this race. All I know is that it is going to be an amazing race between two 72 volt beasts.  If I was to place a bet, I think I would go with the ZERO 11X because of the extra motor power and watt hours.

However, depending on how the motors are wound in the Kaabo Wolf King+, it may actually win the race. I would like to do a quarter mile race because it will remind me of my childhood days of watching The Fast and the Furious. The Fast and the Furious influenced my childhood greatly, and now I get to relive it through racing electric scooters.

What Scooter do I Like Better?

It’s hard to tell what scooter I like better since I have not had a chance to ride the new Kaabo Wolf King+.  But since I have the Wolf Warrior 11+ I know what to expect from the Kaabo Wolf King+.  The Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf King+ are identical except for the motor size, battery and controllers.

I prefer the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ when off-roading while I like the ZERO 11X on smooth pavement.  Once I get a chance to ride the Kaabo Wolf King+ with street tires, I might enjoy that over the ZERO 11X on smooth pavement.

The ZERO 11X offers a larger deck and wider handlebars compared to the ZERO 11X, which I find more comfortable on longer rides. The EY3 throttle display and Minimotors controller make the Kaabo Wolf smoother when accelerating.  They both have their strengths and weaknesses, that it is really hard to decide.

If I had a gun to my head and had to make a choice, I would choose the Kaabo Wolf King+

What Else are we Going to Compare to The Wolf King+

In the future we plan on doing a comparison of the Wolf King+ to the Wolf Warrior 11+, to show the audience the difference in top speed and range. Tons of people have requested I do the comparison, so I cannot disappoint the masses. We will also be receiving a Bronco Extreme 11 to review and I will test it against the Wolf King+ because they are both 72 volts.

At eRide Life, we don’t discriminate against PEVs.  I would love to compare the Wolf King+ to a Gotway Pro and Sherman electric unicycle.  It would be interesting to see if a Electric Unicycle can beat the Wolf Warrior King+ to 35 mph.

Where can I Buy the Kaabo Wolf King+

We will have a small order of 12 Kaabo Wolf King+ for sale. After they are sold out you can reserve one at VORO Motors.  You can use coupon code: eRideLife to save 7%.  I don’t think they are accepting the coupon on the King+ but it should work on most of the other scooters.

Thanks for the Support!

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Thanks for tuning in and remember to always wear your safety gear!

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