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Is the EMOVE Cruiser Actually Waterproof?

Is the EMOVE Cruiser Actually Waterproof?

The EMOVE Cruiser touts that it is, and Seth and I really wanted to see if they truly are.  It’s going to be super snowy and rainy over the next few months, so having a waterproof scooter would be ideal.  We are lucky enough to have been provided an EMOVE Crusier by VotoMotors to test the claims.  So we set out on an unseasonably beautiful 61 degree day today to find out at Cherry Creek Reservoir near Denver.  Our complete video review will be released soon, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek.

Initial Reaction

We had a blast on the EMOVE Cruiser, and it impressed us more than we imagined. We initially only wanted to test it out for the IPX6 waterproof rating but found that the unique features of the scooter really set it apart.  We were blown away that it had such a wide deck and did not weigh too much coming in at just 52 lbs.  We were astonished by the capacity listed, learning that it could carry up to a whopping 352 lbs!  Normally for a scooter to have a load capacity of greater than 300 lbs, the scooters weight is typically 70 lbs and up. We believe this is the highest load capacity for any scooter 52 lbs or lighter.

The EMOVE Cruiser isn’t going to win any top speed awards especially up hills, but it accelerates well and feels smooth as silk compared to some other scooters in the same class.  The pneumatic tubeless tires and suspension make for a smooth ride. Ultimately it was a fun first day trying out the EMOVE Cruiser at Cherry Creek Reservoir and Village Greens Park.

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